A new AI-based approach for a modern Emergency Management

“In an emergency, you can plan everything out to the minute, and a minute before that, everything changes”

Have you ever wondered how do firefighters, local public safety and armed forces daily collaborate in real time emergencies? On top of the field work they carry out on a tremendous hazardous and unfriendly environment requiring extraordinary physical and mental conditions, they need to deal with the high complexity of managing the emergency resources and assets, with still very manual and subject-to-human-errors processes.

At Osprean® we are looking to support all the phases in the emergency management, automating field-data capture, optimizing the decision making processes and easing the plan execution and its continuous adjustments.

Our main Harmony™ and Comacon platforms used in combination with Cloudbrainenable multi-directional real-time collaboration among any remote based commanders and the deployed field-officers, sharing a common situational awareness and analytics management capabilities at both the remote offices and at the emergency.

The complete concept includes solutions using Artificial Intelligence, 5G terrestrial and NTN communications, Drone based sensors, IoT personalized visualization devices, wearables among other high end new technologies.

Work is currently on progress, so if you are intrigued, or want to work with us:

Emergency Prevention & Monitoring

Our Osprean® Harmony ™ Software allow public collaboration with the public forces. This is a vey innovative solution that provides value to the public safety forces and also to the citizens by connecting them in one single app that can be downloaded from the iOS and Apple Store.

Emergency Command & Control

Our Osprean® Comacon™ Software application and Osprean® Cloudbrainintelligence unit are capable of predicting evolution of real emergencies, generating multiple scenarios and prioritize them. We are in constant improvement of the AI algorithms through comparing our predictions with the evolution of real emergencies, adjusting algorithms to make them as much effective as possible

Firefighting Use Case

Our Osprean® Vigil™ high endurance drone allow to monitor the fires at high altitudes, this drone is capturing all real time data from the fire and environments, allowing the firefighting command center make timely decisions based on real-time data.